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As I turn a year closer to moving on, felt like sharing stuff. Perhaps something personal.
I was having a casual discussion with a friend in the plane the other day and shared some thoughts and he compelled me to share them with more people as it might help someone. And since people keep asking me for tips and ways to acquire their dreams and I don’t really know what to say,I will try today without sounding preachy. All I can do is share my thought process which may help. I will try make it simple. May be kids will pick something up. Most adults seem pretty fixed and “sorted” anyway. So I’ll share whatever comes to mind. See if anything helps:

1) I have always felt connected to a force beyond my comprehension. The connection was more unconscious in beginning but later became conscious and more aware and now works by default. It brings in a sense of extreme positivity, love and thankfulness-A force that mainly drives me on a daily basis besides my passion for art and hard work.
2) I have always felt drawn towards compassion more than indifference.
3) I have always believed in the day of my dreams coming true and visualized it from the start and refused to believe otherwise even when told by someone close as a friend or relative. Most importantly, I worked hard for it day and night.
4) I do not judge/hate people on the basis of their religion, culture, creed, faith, origin, ideas etc. I respect and value each one for their own.
5) I believe that my path was my own to follow and one must learn to create his/her own learning from good virtues of others’.
6) I try not to fear. Instead embrace it.
7) I love to learn and I love to make people happy.
8) I believe that we are all extensions of each other and by hurting someone else we hurt ourselves.
9) I make mistakes and have my deficiencies but i try to realize them and work to correct them everyday.
10) I respect each and every person/animal/plant/ thing in existence regardless, but I believe in standing up for what is right and fight for it; I believe for which I must know what “right” is that can only happen through thinking, asking, listening, reading, learning and practicing and do all of this with an open, unbiased and rational mindset.
11) I believe that sometimes the only way to learn is to unlearn first.
12) I respect what my teachers, my parents or my traditions taught me but I believed in moving further on from their on my own guts to discover more in an effort to keep enhancing my own quality of life and others effected by it.
13) I love life and I believe it doesn’t end. Just like this note doesn’t end here…


May 18, 2011 at 4:51 am

Hi AZ! Many many happy returns of the day.
Ah blog after so so long,it feels good to read it. I miss the old site, not that this is not good but purane wale ki baat hi aur thi,used to love the forums ab wo bhi nai hai! 🙁
Anyway, i think at the initial stage we all have that inner voice or force as you may say but it grows stronger as you nurture it by listening to it. I remember the first time i heard it, it may sound silly but that moment is still fresh in my mind. Don’t worry not gonna bore you with my bachpan ki kahani :p
As you start ignoring it,it ignores you but when youtake notive of helps you and stays with you in every difficulty and hardship. Those days when i had lost it i was like a traveller in the middle of an unknown desert with nowhere to go but as i got it back everything was fine as it always has been. Some may say its ur conscience/or the higher power or force but for me its my faith. bachpan se i call tht voice Allah ki awaaz!
Well you made me beliecve that dreams do come true with your infamous ‘we always dream what is real. nothing exists that can only be imagined and not be achieved obe day’ quote. 🙂 Even today when i’m done with school waitng to get into uni of my choice, everyone asks me God forbid what if don’t get what will you do and I’m like i dunno i never thought of that coz i believe my Lord answers the prayers and i’m not gonna lose hope when i’ve seen some of my wishes being fulfilled.Alhamdulilah! SubhanAllah!
And I strongly believe everything happens for our good and because of a reason. No matter which road you take you’ll end up where He has planned you to be. After every hardship there is ease. As he says in the Quran ‘ and whoever fears Allah and keeps his duty to him, he’ll will make a way out of it for him! And he will provide for him from sources he could never imagine’.
I wish everyone stops judging others without knowing them and even if we know ’em who are we to judge.
Ahhh i just thought abt the path few months back i was like ‘what if i hadn’t dreamt of being a doc’ but then i’m like it was for me to chose that path n experience it so i’m doing it. And it reminds me of the poem the road not taken by robert forst. 🙂
Anyway,its getting long an sun’s rising i better go to sleep :p and for your 9th point if everyone understood that what better place earth would be to live on!
Great motivating ang inpiring piece of article as usual.
May Allah bless you!

May 18, 2011 at 5:02 am

P.s: ignore my mistakes plz i’m on from my phone.

May 18, 2011 at 6:38 am

Loved it!
Happy Birthday and May you get whatever you want and deserve!
wish you a blessed life ahead, with loadsa happiness and success!
live happily with ayesha n azaan!
Love you!
Regards! 🙂

May 18, 2011 at 2:04 pm

Hi Ali! A many more happy returns of the day. May God bless you with all that you deserve. I kno U ‘l ask for what you deserve.

This is Priya. How r u? I hope U to be in a sound health. Now a days, I see U in T.V. in the song Fun Funaa……. which is so motivating and inspiring. U r always so admiring and make people to think about what is life? I like that kind of attitude from u. U r so amazing, Ali!
Enjoy your day and may this day brings a lot of good things that comes Ur way.

Keep up the good work. Send my regards to Ayesha. Take care 🙂

May 18, 2011 at 2:07 pm

Ali! I want to share one more thing. Today is my Birthday. Actually I feel so happy and exciting that V both are sharing the same day as our Birthday. I hav no words to express my happiness. Feeling so proud. I’m speechless………….

Take good care of yourself and Ayesha!!!!!!

May 18, 2011 at 2:43 pm

Ali! If U wish me on my B’day, it ‘l b the world to me. After Ur B’day party, U come & wish me. Will U wish me???

Awaiting for Ur reply and wishes……. 🙂

May 18, 2011 at 5:38 pm

happy b’day ali!!
well, it was a treat reading ur thoughts ’bout ur success as dis ques keeps on troubling me as well dat how d hell m i gonna b successful???!!! so i guess it will help me….thnx a lot 4 taking out tym 2 write dis 🙂

May 18, 2011 at 9:52 pm

Hey 🙂 Happy Birthday 🙂 May you have the happiest one ever. You deserve it. It was great to read a new blog after all this time. I don’t really know if you’re going to read this or not, but what you wrote today is quite motivating and inspiring. Inspiration can be acquired through a lot of ways. Every person having their own source. Recently a very close friend passed away. He had cancer. They diagnosed him really late and couldn’t stop it from spreading. He was, has been, and will always be my inspiration. I haven’t met anyone like him ever, he was such a humorous person, you know someone who can make you laugh and be silly and all. He inspired me to go on, to do stuff i never even dreamt of. Each one of us, needs something to turn on the talent light inside us. All of us have something special inside us; it just needs to be brought out. You have inspired so many people and you continue to do us. You are one of those special people who havent taken fame to their heads and i hope you carry this on 🙂 You are a true hero, a shining star or whatever 😛 All i wanted to say is that you’re one of those genuine people who try to bring out the light in others :). I call you a Pakistani with pride, unlike others you haven’t tried to leave your roots or your traditions. You’re Pakistani through and through 🙂 and please know that you make us proud each and every day. You deserve the world 🙂 <3 We love you. XOXO Ramsha 🙂

May 21, 2011 at 3:09 am

hiyaaaaaaaaaaaa aliiiii, how are u happy belated birthday i did wish u on fb at the right date though 😛 anyways hope ur growing to be even more wiser and handsum 😛
HEY RAMSHAAAA long time no blog really miss reading ur blogs they are very interesting ;P
and ali ji ek adh dafa blog kardia karo it makes us happy happy 😛
takecare ali
love khadeja 🙂

May 25, 2011 at 2:15 am

Why do i feel you’re being saracastic 😛 I’ve grown up 😉 decided to NOT bother other people and get a life 😛

Sep 24, 2011 at 2:09 am

heyaaaaa aliiii whtsup long time no blog i knw i knw bohot busy hotay hai aap liken yar ek do line tou likh diya karoooo as i said it makes us happy happy khair aliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ur brilliant mbkd was awesummmmmm and u were the best thing in it really enjoyed rubbing ur sucess in my non believer stupiid frnds woh boltay thay tht ek do saal ki baht hai sub bhul jayai gay i told them mera ali koi aivay insan nahiii he is a modest super star aur woh bohot agay jayai ga i feel sooooooooo pissed offf now tht people who talked rubbish about u say kay mjay tou kabse pasand tha loserrrsss khair meray mauhallay mei tou takriban sub know kay mein tumari kitni bariiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii dewani ho ab dekho na sub log yeh bhi dekh kay hassay gay kay pagal hogayi hai anab shanab bolay jarahi hai konsa ali iska chacha hai jo parhay ga but yarrr i like u ur nice tumse baht karnay ko dil karta hai ur like a silent best frnd jo andekhay help karta hai i dnt know how but mjay lagta hai 😀 pagal na :p khair aliiiiii miss ur blogs very much jab tumay fursaat milay touu yaad karlena
@ramshaaaaaa naiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii yarrrrrrrrrrrrr i seriously loved ur comments yarr keep posting 🙂
chalo aliiiii now tumari bariii jaldi jaldi reply karna 😛
takecare sweetiiiiii <3
love ur stupid pagal loving crazy fan
love khadeja <3



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